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Wait a minute, what does that mean?  Wax is dead? 

That's right, wax is dead.  Advancements in the past 5 years or so in the auto detailing industry have exploded! 

At Shine Pro, we want to give you results that you can see!  And not just for two weeks.  We want your vehicles to look good for many months and even years to come!  A couple of years ago we eliminated wax from our service options as we feel it does not meet the standards that we have set for our client's vehicles.  The results have been fantastic!  All of our exterior automotive protection packages include the highest quality products and cutting edge technology to deliver the absolute best results for your vehicle and your budget.

Leave that old school can of paste wax on the shelf as a keepsake.  I know there's some of you that like to stick with your old ways.  Don't worry, wax is still available to buy and you can most certainly put it on your vehicle. 
It will look fantastic for a week or two, until the wax fades away and your car is left unprotected again.  Typically a wax will only last 1 to 3 months and offer very little if any chemical resistance.

Chemical resistance is important for several reasons.  A couple of examples you may be able to relate to are bird droppings and love bugs.  You cannot leave bugs or bird droppings on the vehicle for very long.   They leave an acidic residue on your vehicle's acrylic clear coat paint and it burns holes in the paint.  We call this etching and it happens quite often to cars in Florida!
Another reason chemical resistance is important is when you go to clean off those love bugs. 
Also, most of the time in the car wash and detailing industry a chemical removal process is used to loosen bugs and grime.  The chemicals will usually strip away wax in those areas and your money literally goes down the drain.  You either have to have the wax reapplied or you completely expose your vehicle to the enviroment.

Now this is where polymers, nano-technology and synthetic materials specifically designed to deliver better results take over. 

Polymer based sealants are a decent protection option as you will have a longer lasting product than wax (sometimes 6 months to a year), yet it is still very much like wax as it lacks chemical resistance.  So wash carefully, with very mild chemicals if your vehicle is protected with a sealant.
Most of the time when you buy a new car from a dealership, this is the type of protection package they apply.  You're essentially only buying a warranty and a product that isn't delivering adequate protection for your vehicle.

Silica based products, sealants and ceramic coatings, are the best option for exterior auto protection now days.  All of our exterior protection packages include silica based products, and the longevity may range from 1 month to 1 year, 2, 5 years and we even offer a Lifetime warrantied package!!  
These products offer better chemical resistance, better slickness, easier to clean and your car will look great for much longer. 

To find out more about the benefits of ceramic coatings and silica based protection options for your vehicle, please visit our ceramic coatings page or contact us directly. 


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