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Artillery Fungus Removal - Paint Decontamination / Clay Treatment and Sealant by Shine Pro Mobile Detailing - Orlando, Florida

We had a job recently that was to remove black specs from white paint and add protection, and so it was wash, clay, seal. Well, easier said than done.
"ARTILLERY FUNGUS" is the culprit and it was a tedious task to remove each black spore from the vehicle's finish.  The Artillery Fungus grows in rotting wood and mulch piles and is activated by bright light.  When the fungus is activated it 'shoots' these spores up to 20 feet away and they have been found on the siding of homes and on vehicles on many occassions.  These spores cling to the surface by embedding very tiny roots into the pores of the finish.

We recommend checking your property for old mulch and rotting wood to prevent this from happening to your vehicles.  Turn old mulch and cover with fresh mulch or just replace with rocks.

As for protection on the vehicle, we offer ceramic coatings that provide a sacrificial barrier between the clear coat of your vehicle and the contaminants in our environment.  Our Ceramic Pro Glass Shield coatings have a very slick and hard surface that provides the excellent protection from chemicals, bird droppings, light scratches and even makes cleaning these pesky artillery spores a much easier task to take on.

Give us a call if you notice contaminants stuck to your vehicle's paint.  We give free estimates and offer many solutions for your automotive detailing needs.

352-277-4221   or email us at:  info@shineprodetail.com




















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