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As a business owner, naturally I want the business to be successful and that can only be done if I deliver outstanding results every time.  I put some thought into the value of my services and I've considered what would make a difference.
One of the key products that r...

How you wash your car and how often can be a major determining factor in how the exterior looks and holds up to the environment.

Let's start with how often.  How often should I wash my car?
While there is such as thing as over-doing it, or doing it too often - most of...

Wait a minute, what does that mean?  Wax is dead? 

That's right, wax is dead.  Advancements in the past 5 years or so in the auto detailing industry have exploded! 

At Shine Pro, we want to give you results that you can see!  And not just for two weeks.  We...

We had a job recently that was to remove black specs from white paint and add protection, and so it was wash, clay, seal. Well, easier said than done.
"ARTILLERY FUNGUS" is the culprit and it was a tedious task to remove each black spore from the vehicle's finish.  The...

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July 6, 2018

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